STAYFIT hopes to develop a training platform for everyone to share and communicate. We are looking for the best professional coaches in town and even internationally to hold different workshops and leverage coaches' specialized skills!

Now we are offering the Weightlifting workshop. 

Weightlifting is a type of strength training that combines very technical movement with speed and power. The two competition lifts are the snatch and the clean and jerk.  It’s highly recommended that beginners should start to learn weightlifting from a professional coach.

The prerequisites of weightlifting:

1. Proper squat and deadlift skills. 

2. A good mobility for technique learning.

The 4 general breakdowns of weightlifting training:

1. Starting position and the 1st pull

2. Path of barbell

3. triple extension

4. receiving technique

Beginners can try the complete movement when they have good technique in breakdowns. It generally takes 3 months to learn the basic movements, and then slowly evolve to systematic training for performance.

STAYFIT provides a complete and professional training ladder with professional equipment used in Olympic competition. We have experienced weightlifting coaches who provide personal training for the fundamentals, and Chinese Olympic weightlifters for advance lessons in our world class gym in Central.

If you want to learn how to weightlifting like a pro, come to STAYFIT. We provide you with the best.