Personal Training

Train with the best! Here at STAYFIT, we aim to build a community where people feel comfortable accomplishing their fitness goals no matter how difficult their journey.  The best training programme is the one that fits your lifestyle and brings out the best side of you. Always on top of the latest happenings in the fitness and weightlifting community in Hong Kong, our team of personal trainers offers a wide range of personal experiences and skills to match your unique needs and fitness goals in our Central gym. We’ve now expanded our services and have recruited a team of highly-qualified senior trainers to provide a more comprehensive set of personal training services in our Central studio. Our upgraded services include personal training targeting.

We provide :


Body transformations are not just about unlimited weight training and sticking to your diet. It takes intelligent training to see results, and this is where STAYFIT’s Transformation programme comes in. To fully optimize your training, our team of personal trainers will help you create a bespoke body transformation training programme in a cohesive environment that is our world class gym in Central. Moreover, our Transformation programme is designed to maximize your performance to prevent your results from plateauing so that you can push your body to its full potential.


Staying fit is not only about transformation, it is just the beginning of your journey.

In here, we have specialists who could offer you tailor-made and specific services to uphold your hard earned physique. From now on, you are not only looking good but functional as well.